The Liverpool Blue Coat Old Blues' Association - Founded 1838




On  the weekend of 20th-22nd June 2008, around 200 Old Blues took part in a weekend of celebration in the school, organised by the Brotherly Society.  There were tours of the school, vintage bus trips around Liverpool, a cruise on the Mersey Ferry, a slap-up traditional school lunch, a service in the Chapel and a huge party on the Saturday night.


Many old friendships were rekindled, some past pupils travelled from as far away as France, Uruguay, Dubai, Barbados and Australia to be there.


We are grateful to a lot of people who worked hard to make it so fantastic.  A special mention is due to DJ Stan Livingston, caterers Debbie McFarland and her staff, and caretaker Kenny Jones who virtually lived on the premises all weekend.


And what a weekend it was!  Mr Hickman returned to the school where he first started teaching in 1949, retiring headteacher Sandy Tittershill was presented with his own personal number plate, the school's longest serving pupil (56 years!) Ray Livingston was finally given his Bible and removed from the school register, having been overlooked in 1959, and two hundred "Old Blues" partied the night away.


The Brotherly Society donated £10,000 to the School's appeal, which raised £625,000.  This financed a new floodlit all-weather sports pitch at Lance Lane and a Year 13 (Upper 6th form) study centre in the east wing.




Left: Year 7 pupils Robert Rimmer and Nichole Jackson wore the traditional uniform for the Chapel service.

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