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Albert Blundell was born in 1914.  His father died in 1922 and he was sent to the Blue Coat School with his elder brother Leslie, his younger brother Kenneth and one of his sisters, Muriel.  He was at the School from 1923 until 1928.  


His granddaughter discovered our website, and Albert's son, Alan, got in touch with us.  Albert was living in Blackpool and two members of the Brotherly Society went to visit him.  He was a friend of Danny Ross, (author of "A Blue Coat Boy in the 1920s"), and has kindly placed some rare photographs from the 1920's at our disposal.


On 8th August 2007, Albert set foot in the Blue Coat School for the first time in over 70 years, as a guest of the Brotherly Society.  As he toured the building he told us many tales of days gone by.  These have been published in "Memories from the Mid-20th Century" (see the "Gift Shop" page of this website).


Albert featured on the 2009 Brotherly Society Christmas card, and his story was told in the December 2009 newsletter.


He passed away peacefully on 13th February 2013, at the age of 98.


Albert is pictured (left) with older brother Les in his Blue Coat uniform around 1925 and (right) on the occasion of his visit, in the School Chapel with his son, Alan.

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