The Liverpool Blue Coat Old Blues' Association - Founded 1838


Alex Copeland entered the Blue Coat School in 1943, during the school's evacuation to Beaumaris in Anglesey.  On return to Liverpool he remained until 1948 when he joined the Royal Navy.


In 1958 he joined the South Australian Police, where he was a detective, rising to the rank of Chief Superintendent.  He retired in 1989 at the age of 56.


Then he moved to Queensland, where he cleared 42 acres of scrub land to plant a mango and lychee orchard.  He sold this in 2001 and is now enjoying retirement with his wife Marlene.


He recalls one of his adventures in Beaumaris:  Tommy Hughes and I were in the long covered way, me with a broom knocking down apples from the espaliered apple trees and Tommy picking them up behind.  Along came Mr Crebbin in the opposite direction - we were caught out!  He invited us to join him in his study and gave me the choice of six of the best on the hands or backside.  I decided to face my accuser and received six of the best on the hands.  He said, "There, that didn't hurt, did it, Copeland?"  I, of course, replied, "No, Sir!"  So he said, "Bend over!" and gave me six hearty whacks on the behind.  We deserved it.


Alex has kindly sent us some old photographs, which are posted on another page of this website.  Click HERE to see them.


Alex would like to hear from anyone who remembers him from his days at the Blue Coat School.  If you would like his contact details, please let us know through the CONTACT US page of this website.




Right:  photographs of Alex at the age of 14, and in Police uniform about 40 years later.

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