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Welcome to the Liverpool Blue Coat School

If you are reading this because your child has been awarded a place to start studying in Year 7 this coming September, we extend our congratulations on their success.


Your pride and delight at this major achievement will, no doubt, be tempered slightly when you start shopping for their new school uniform, sports kit and other essential equipment.  Kitting out any child for school can be financially daunting, and we are aware that the high standards, quite rightly expected by the Liverpool Blue Coat School, can possibly cause difficulties in some cases.


We would not like to see new students "getting off on the wrong foot" due to lack of appropriate uniform or equipment.  If you are worried that you will not be able to afford these requirements, you can approach us for assistance.


Financial assistance may also be available for families of students who are already attending The Liverpool Blue Coat School, as well as any former students who may need help with costs of further education or training.



How can we help?

Details of how to contact us are on the "CONTACT" page of this website.


If you approach us for assistance, our first step will be to send you an application form.  This asks for some very basic information (name, contact details etc) and a brief summary of the household financial situation.  You do not need to provide any information that you do not wish us to know but, obviously, the more information you provide, the better position we will be in to consider making a grant.


Any requests for assistance will be treated in total confidence.  As a charity, we are legally and financially separate from the School itself.  This means that any requests or information that you provide to us will not be shared with any other organisation, and this includes The Liverpool Blue Coat School.  


Although we operate within guidelines, we realise that each case is individual and deserves its own consideration.


All grant applications for new students joining the school this September should be received by 1st June.  During the month of June our Trustees and officials will examine each application and make a decision.  We may need to contact you for further information.  This could be by letter, email or telephone; so please only supply contact details that you are happy for us to use.


You will be notified of our decision by 30th June and, where a grant application is approved, payment will be made by cheque.



Data Protection (Legal stuff)

Under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018, any information you supply to us will be held securely and not shared with any other organisation unless you give your express written permission to do so.  The information will be used solely for the purposes of assessing your application for a grant.  The data will be securely stored for record and audit purposes only.  By making an application for a grant, you consent to being contacted by email, letter or telephone regarding your application.  You may ask at any time to see any data we hold relating to you.